Hipster Hipster Party

15 Apr

By Martin Olson

You are hip. You are SO hip. You are meta-hip. You were hip before it was cool. You were hip before the first Hipster Party.
You go to the Hipster Squared Party. You drink a cup of coffee. You smoke a cigarette. You see a dirty hipster. She sneers at you, and calls you a hipster. You throw your PBR in her face. It gets all over her mustache.
You take pictures on a shitty disposable camera. You get them developed. You put them on Facebook, in an album titled “Uber beaucoup de Hipster Party”. Your friends ‘like’ them. You feel validated. You are shallow. You are SO shallow. You are meta-shallow. You were shallow before it was cool.
Or not. Whatever.

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13 Apr

By Benjamin Carlson

(Bubbert’s Awards 2014, 2nd place)

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Graduation State of Mind

13 Apr

By Daniel Barrera and Dylan Jantz

(Bubbert’s Awards 2014, 1st place)

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8 Apr

By Terra Scott

Decadence dusts balderdash like blush.
Relentlessly, to secure resplendence.

I, am worthy,
swells stunning bunkum.

I, am lovely, 

I, am
wishful sorrow’s winsome

flawless, tangible,
with the audacity to
stunning, absurd,

and thankful.

omit thin, my sleepy love.

have enchanted bliss with generous wanderlust.

Breathtaking, as gruesome breaks beautiful
Skedaddle gorgeous, we’ve arrived at mutual.

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A Chest

30 Mar

By Justin Greger

a chest worth digging for
of winks and wishes
a muse without meaning
flowers for watching
a scent that fades away in the wind
the warmth of a flame without a wick
yet the smoke stays in the air

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4 Mar

By Xi Cheng



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Occupy “The Lord’s Prayer”

26 Feb

By Hamilton Williams and Ami Regier

We playfully revised “The Lord’s Prayer” during a long night drive across the country. The spirit of Gordon Kaufman,  author of In the Beginning, Creativity, came to our aid when we realized we could no longer utter the familiar prayer that speaks through medieval, feudal, patriarchal metaphors: lord, kingdom, father.  We perceive creativity as well as the ideologies of time and place inhabiting the ancient words of the scriptural prayer.  We imagine the ancient prayer is still unfinished. We hear other voices with their lists of deliverances through time. We hope others will offer infinite and contesting revisions, reflecting their perspectives and language. We know our voice in this poem escalates here and there with our ideological issues of the millennial moment.  We hear in the occasionally wrenched cadence much  ongoing wrestling with religious inheritances. We hope for cross-cultural religious intersections. We imagine a reverse occupation, whereby the religious tradition that occupied indigenous religious spaces could be in turn re-occupied, in the spirit of the Occupy movement, of course!  We share a tendency to experience religious language as struggle and transformation. Gordon Kaufman recommended addressing divinity as a non-anthropomorphic construct, Creativity:  


Our Creativity, which stretches throughout the universe,

Hallowed be thy energies.

Thy challenges come, as true human beings we become

Changed by the garden, and changed by the sky.

Mutate us this day our daily being.

Forgive us for climate change, as we forgive those one-percenters who duped us, those trespassers.  

Forgive us our blindnesses.

Transform our biases – for example, the blindness of whiteness.

Lead us away from capitalism and into social embraces.

Deliver us from individualism and cultural stagnation.

Guide us away from GMO biological manipulation, to respect culture and food sovereignty. 

Protect us from privatization and its refusal of public good.

Bring us the grace of earth and heaven, as we restore the indigenous values of your being.

For creativity has the power and glory to transform us, forever and ever.

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