Chain Reaction


By Jocelyn Wilkinson

A brush, a swipe, a breath

I feel you against my neck

I can’t find you though.

Where did you go?

Hand flings through the air—I’m growing up to you.

You were just there

But now you’re gone.

Where did you go?




I see you but can’t get you

Try catching up, you’re gone.

Where are you going?




Please I said stop

Just slow down so I can catch you

I can feel you—I’m almost big enough for you—just slow down.

Where are you going?

My body is

    B     U     R     S     T     I     N    G

trying to find, meet, understand you

Can’t you see I’m trying?

Why are you going?

Oh there you are…


I missed you again—bigger, bigger—slipped from my hands.

Why are you going?

You stopped…but…you were going somewhere…

You couldn’t have stopped for me—I shrink, I’m normal.

Why did you stop?

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