White Guy – Jacob Miller


White Guy
by Jacob Miller

There’s no silver lining for red lining, burned churches, lies, thug is the new n-word and guess to which race it applies?

Or how ’bout stop and frisk? Ninety-eight percent of all black people stopped have no contraband, yet racism doesn’t exist?

I don’t know how it feels to walk the streets peacefully and pack heat legally but be treated unequally as a criminal or a terrorist.

I never will, I’m a white boy in a white world, my white skin gives me a white wash, call me Tom Sawyer.

I don’t need a lawyer, I say “F the police” and get a slap on the wrist, Travon Martin goes to buy candy and gets shot with a pistol.

Or Eric Holder choked ‘till he couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t believe what was unravelin’ on my TV screen.

But why don’t we talk about all the brave soldiers and cops, man!? Their lives matter too! They aren’t mutually exclusive, fam.

Don’t falsely compare apples to oranges; are we ever gonna grapple with the real issues pressing and nestling

and festering beneath the top layer of “free” and “equal” manure that our white-saturated society keeps shovelin’?

The aged land is soaked with blood of the fallen who fought on this issue; that cotton shirt we wear, have we forgotten its origin?

The roots of slavery run deep, you can’t plow the surface and not expect ’em to grow again; sowed the seeds of slavery tried slayin’ ’em.

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