Geographies of New Mexico: a Dialogue– Spring Break, 2012


By Ami Regier    


I can feel the energy coming from the land.

This is where I bought parts for the truck.

There’s where I went rock crawling with the truck.

I didn’t get far from Myrtle Beach before breaking down on the side of the road.

Pointy toe cowboy boots are cockroach kickers because they go for the corner wham. New Mexico style is more the square toe.

This is the loop that we took coming back into Gallup from Zuni.

That’s a 550. It’s like a ton and a half.

That was a Charger. You can tell by the taillights.


That’s a pretty Road King.

I drove my truck on top of that hill of  caves and areas where squatters, homeless, partiers, trashburners were, where we went stargazing last night. Homeless  may be living in the cliffdwellings now. See the stuffed teddy bear, a shoe.

Warning, the sign appears to say:  proposing marriage in Canyon de Chelly may make you lightheaded.