By Terra Scott

Decadence dusts balderdash like blush.
Relentlessly, to secure resplendence.

I, am worthy,
swells stunning bunkum.

I, am lovely, 

I, am
wishful sorrow’s winsome

flawless, tangible,
with the audacity to
stunning, absurd,

and thankful.

omit thin, my sleepy love.

have enchanted bliss with generous wanderlust.

Breathtaking, as gruesome breaks beautiful
Skedaddle gorgeous, we’ve arrived at mutual.

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Show me how to breathe Prana through my teeth
Show me how to stand like the Trees
and maintain fierceness of the Beeswhile spitting honey,
Give me the strength to surrender my blossoming labors
And to mouth-feed my honey to 
Something that appears separate from Me

To breathe Art amidst a War

To leave open my doors

To allow my tears to follow their natural path, 
carrying the current

To stay afloat and send gratitude to the source of sadness, 
the Sea perpetuating the cycle of life and death,

until the Cycle remains the same, 
but becomes named by its properties of continuation,
freeing positive and negative
from their blanketed restraints

When the blackness of Death faints
and breathes new Life
Every Spring, it tells Us to sing.

Allow my Eyes to open around themselves,
again and again.

And when I must, allow me to breathe Prana
Through my Skin

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Powerful, Nearly Violent. Clawing Failures at Humility.

Drawings, Paintings & Prints

By Terra Scott

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Powerful, Nearly Violent


By Terra Scott

Life is a winter in the wilderness
With no matches or lighters.

Love, is the fire in your home.
Without delicate attention to the fire,
The Home grows cold and dark.

If you fall asleep shivering,
You may never return to enjoy the summer.

If danger sets you into motion,
You patiently rub two sticks together
Until the sun hears your call and responds,
With a gentle kiss from her deadly flame.

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