By Jerrell Williams

This world only sees people as certain colors,

But this concept has been keeping us from truly loving each other.

It’s been a never ending war color against color

God’s creation at war with itself, brother against brother

Blacks against whites….whites against blacks,

Back and forth we go in this cycle of attacks.

It doesn’t matter who wins this drawn out war,

But I guarantee both sides will leave with their hearts feeling sore.

In this world not all is good, and not all is fine,

I wish that this world would just become color blind.

I’m not here on stage for the glamor or fame,

But I’m here to talk about love and peace, back in the day Dr. King was doing the same.

 We as sons and daughters need to develop the mind of God the father,

See Red is the title of this poem because Jesus bled for us partner.

Through worldly eyes, all we see is black and white,

But I promise we are all red in the eyes of Christ.

We have all been redeemed and purchased with Christ’s blood,

And all he asks in return is that we would love.

That we would love each other and him in all his glory,

And turn this great tragedy into an amazing love story.

Don’t worry; I’ve had to change too,

In my younger days I was a part of this war, and didn’t have a clue.

I use scream black power, black pride, black home,

But then I blacked out when I saw God’s throne.

The bottom line is that without Christ’s blood we are all dead,

So we should stop seeing black and white, and see the color RED.

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